Why Every Property Should Have A Title Search

by | Jun 5, 2017 | Video | 0 comments

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Hey. Tyler here at the Cash Flow Guy's Pod Cast. I was just online on the Proplogix website. I was reading a blog post and a little, interesting short story I wanted to tell you real quick one of the reasons why you gotta do a municipal lien search and a title search when you buy property. In this case, a Gainesville, Florida couple who wanted to add a back porch to their home were blindsided when they went to pull a permit and couldn't because a previous owner had taken out a permit, fixed the roof but never fixed it, never called for a final inspection. Luckily, the worst part for this couple when getting the issue resolved was a run-around between the building department and the original contractor and then the wait but, in many cases, an open or expired permit problem can be very, very costly for home-owners to resolve.

If you're looking at … you want some good information, a great blog, try this Proplogix. It's P-R-O-P-L-O-G-I-X. They do title searches in Florida. If you own property in Florida or you're looking to buy property in Florida, give them a shot. They got a really good blog here. Another thing they talked about in this thing is knowing that the updates were done legally and properly, making sure they've closed out permits. Take the steps to protect yourself. The only one looking out for you is you. Understand that. 


Have a great day.