Purchase to Profits Show with Seth Ferguson and Tyler Sheff

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I was on the Purchase to Profits Show recently and the episode went live recently! Click here to give the interview a listen.

The Mother of All Cashflow Deals with Tyler Sheff

Purchase to Profits with Seth Ferguson and Tyler Sheff

Here's the interview breakdown:

Tyler Sheff shares his simple story for why he got into the real estate investing business as well as a side of his business that most people never get a chance to hear about. Find out what Tyler is currently focused on, how he managed to scale his business beyond just him and his wife, and why every real estate investor has to also understand marketing if they want to succeed.

Seth Ferguson and Tyler dive into and explain the most important lesson that real estate investors can learn. It’s not how much you make, it’s how much you keep that matters. 

You should definitely check this episode out!