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Tyler Sheff - Cash Flow Guys

Tyler Sheff

Michael Marino - Cash Flow Guys

Michael Marino

Mastering Emotional Intelligence in Business

In the world of business, emotions can be a powerful tool, especially when it comes to negotiations. However, it's important to remember that emotions should be used strategically and not influence your own decision-making process.

When making buying decisions, focus on the facts and calculations. Emotions can cloud judgment and lead to less favorable outcomes.

Now for negotiations, utilize emotions to build connections and rapport with others. Fact: You are up to 31% smarter in a positive frame of mind. The mood that we have directly correlates to how efficiently our brains function. Now don't just jokes, but use humor appropriate to the context.

Have you ever noticed that you become relaxed after you hear something that made you laugh? You've now made your mind and your counterpart's brain up to 31% smarter, more flexible to see both sides of the negotiation. You'll find that appropriate humor to the discussion is dangerously effective.

It's crucial to avoid using emotions for manipulation or to make decisions solely based on how you feel. As human beings, we are prone to setting aside reason and logic when our emotions take over. To succeed in business, use emotions as a means to connect and understand others, but rely on objective analysis for your own decision making.

Remember, emotional intelligence in business is about leveraging emotions strategically and forming relationships, while keeping a clear focus on rational decision making.

By the way, the book “Never Split the Difference” by Chris Voss is Tyler and I's all time favorite book about negotiation strategies. You can find it here.

Wishing you balanced negotiations,

Mike Marino, The Cash Flow Guys