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Michael Marino

Those Who Don't Use Marketing, Can't Find Deals

Marketing is the key to unlocking growth and expanding your real estate ventures. It's time to amplify your reach and attract the right opportunities.

By effectively marketing yourself as a real estate investor, you can connect with potential sellers and investors who are eager to join and trust your ventures. Utilize platforms like YouTube, Facebook, and Google to share your expertise and showcase the asset classes you're interested in.

I just heard you say “How can I market, I'm just a guy/gal with no money for a marketing budget?”

Perfect! Let me get you started.

Listen to our last Cash Flow Guys Podcast episode, I guarantee there was something mind-blowing on it (if not, tell us at Now post about it on your Facebook Page or Youtube Video and tell the world “Wow, I just learned this bad-ass thing on the Cash Flow Guys Podcast and now I'm looking to pay someone a lot of money in Tulsa if they have a house with delinquent tenants! I love delinquent tenants!”

Remember, marketing is not limited to large corporations. With the right strategies, you can build a strong network of like-minded individuals who will contribute to your success.

Stay tuned for more marketing insights and techniques that will accelerate your real estate portfolio growth.

Wishing you prosperous marketing endeavors,

 Mike Marino, The Cash Flow Guys