100 Get Uncomfortable NOW with Stacy A Cross and Tyler Sheff

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Get Uncomfortable NOW with Stacy A Cross and Tyler Sheff

Get Uncomfortable NOW with Stacy A Cross and Tyler Sheff


Whoa… Episode 100, can you believe that? It seems like yesterday I sat down in front of my MacBook, plugged in a couple of microphones and “poof” I had a podcast.

On that first day, I had no idea what the future would hold for me and the Cash Flow Guys brand. Little did I know I would reach people from around the world and spread my message about getting out of the rat race.

Many of you have expressed that one of the main reasons you listen to this podcast is because I am just a regular guy, who keeps it genuine and simple. Even though this show has grown quite a bit since day one, I am still that same guy who was kinda terrified when I first pressed record and spoke into the microphone.

Over the last 100 episodes, I have met many great people and learned quite a bit at the same time. Part of the reason I decided to launch this podcast was that I needed to learn more myself..MUCH more, I needed to sharpen my sword and this experience has accomplished that and far more.

Thank you to all who have carved 30 minutes or so out of their week for the last 100 weeks to listen to me get uncomfortable. Speaking of getting uncomfortable..

In this episode, I interview Stacy A Cross CEO, Founder and Chief Ass Kicker at TheComfortKillers.com

The “Comfort Killers” platform is for entrepreneurs and individuals who refuse to settle in life and business.

Comfort Killers ARE: Highly motivated, goal driven, action-oriented individuals who believe that true happiness derives from constant self-improvement and personal development, which is achieved by getting uncomfortable!

Stacy was featured on Grant Cardone’s network because of her dedication to motivation and hard work. Earlier this year, she interviewed me for her podcast, which you can listen to HERE.

Much of what I have learned comes directly from my observation of others by watching videos on YouTube, podcasts, in-person meetings, and reading books. Believe it or not, I have learned MUCH MORE simply by “getting uncomfortable” and taking action.

Below are a few Stacy quotes that warrant further discussion:

“Giving and receiving has the same energy: focus on income”

Stacy got to the point in her business where she realized she could not continue to provide value unless she sought value from the marketplace at the same time. Stacy provides TONS of value to her comfort killers members, she puts forth the energy to help you get out of your own way, for that I applaud her.

Admittedly, (for me) this was a problem early on; I did not want to be grouped into the “guru” category. Before I knew it, I was inundated with requests from people to teach them what I did to escape the rat race. Although I was honored to be sought after to teach others, I was also overwhelmed by requests. I literally ran out of hours of the day and hit a crossroad: I needed to either scale back and be ok with saying no and helping fewer people, or scale up and educate more people.

I could not keep up the pace and continue to provide value without receiving value from the universe. I needed to hire a team to keep up with the requests for help and to help me produce quality content that truly helps people succeed and accomplish their dreams. If I was to continue, I needed to monetize what I am doing in order to continue to be able to bring value. As an investor, we need to bring value, yet we also need to be okay with insisting on a value in return. It’s great to help people, but if you go broke in the process, you can’t really help anyone can you?

“There is no other reason for being in business other than to count the money.”

When I first read this, I most likely had the same reaction you did! Then, I let it sink in a little. Ask yourself, “Why am I in business?” Is it just because you have nothing else to do? Are you just trying to be cool? Or are you actually wanting to make a profit and scale your business? Stacy never loses sight of the fact that for her to continue on her mission of helping others, she can’t replace them in the quicksand. As a new investor, you should be cautious about jumping in the quicksand to save a seller in financial distress. You deserve to make a profit and you can make a profit while still helping others.

What do you deserve?

People are often afraid to ask what they feel they deserve; others really have no idea what they deserve. Investors must have a plan and know what their time is worth in order to ever become financially free. Without establishing a baseline, you will be working to no end.

For example, Stacy does NOT believe in discounts of her product or service; instead, she believes in value and stands firm in order to receive it. Pay attention to this, ladies and gentlemen! Stacy believes that a race to the bottom in regard to price leaves you at the bottom. Don’t put yourself in a position to be a slave to your investments. This is why it is so important for you to do ALL the math before pulling the trigger on a property, not just the math that “makes” the deal work.

In a motivational video I saw on YouTube, Stacy gave a story about being on a plane and the oxygen mask falling down. Some passengers helped a child first, others did not. Stacy explains that in order for us to help or save anyone, we first help ourselves to be whole, be focused, be healthy, and be rich. If we cannot take care of ourselves, we will likely perish before being able to legitimately help anyone else. Some may call this ideology selfish, others brilliant… you decide.

I pondered for many weeks on who I would have as my special guest for episode 100, it was a landmark event for me. Frankly, sometimes I am shocked I made it thus far, but you, my loyal listeners kept me focused on this podcast when I sometimes ran out of steam. I was unclear on what I wanted episode 100 to be about, or who I should have as a guest. In the middle of recording this very episode it hit me, thus Stacy’s episode felt perfect to be featured as episode 100.

Special thanks to Stacy A Cross (no “e” in Stacy) for taking time out of her busy day to join me for this very special episode. I hope you enjoy this and ask you to rate and review the show on iTunes / Google Play or whatever other pod catcher you use to listen.