Creative Real Estate Podcast – Learn This Creative Niche!

by | Sep 26, 2019 | Podcast | 0 comments

Adam A Adams had me on his Creative Real Estate Podcast and we got into some of the more creative ways to invest in real estate including non-performing notes on multi family assets and a bunch of other strategies to create cash flow. Click here to give the interview a listen.

From the description:

Tyler Sheff has done several creative real estate deals, currently and in the past. Tyler is a podcaster and a multifamily syndicator. He enjoys focusing on low income housing in Memphis TN… He raises private capital, pays 100% cash, repositions the asset, then he gets long term financing on the asset and returns the investor's capital.

Another creative way Tyler is using now is purchasing NONPERFORMING NOTES of multifamily assets… to “go in the back door”.

Finally, we discuss a creative deal he did was his personal residence he bought it for 200K, and walked away from closing with a check in his hand. Today his personal residence has 1) doubled in value and 2) making you a passive 5K a month.

You should definitely check this episode out!