Tyler Sheff

Tyler Sheff is a licensed Realtor with Future Home Realty located in Key West, Fl.  Tyler and his team are highly skilled in acquisitions, ground-team recruitment and management in both the Key West and Tampa, FL market service areas.

Having over two decades of experience in the real estate space as a Property Manager, Realtor, Home Flipper, Apartment Building Owner, and Owner of Mortgage Debt Instruments, Tyler has the skills needed to secure value-added opportunities across several asset classes.

In recent years, Tyler and his wife Jill have shattered traditional short and long-term rental performance standards and own some of the most profitable rental properties in the State of Florida.  Additionally, Tyler and his team are well known for creating some of the most profitable real estate opportunities known in the industry today.

With over 20 years of investing experience in various market cycles, Tyler’s conservative underwriting style means that all opportunities arrive well-vetted and stress-tested to ensure solid performance that is certain to exceed expectations.

Known worldwide as a Host of the very popular Cash Flow Guys Podcast, Tyler has proven experience with a vast network of industry-leading professionals at his side and comes well respected in the real estate investing industry as an ethical, highly effective educator and mentor.  Often sought after for his unique ability to solve real estate-related problems, Tyler’s skills are ever so important in developing practical investment opportunities.

Mike Marino

Mike joined the Cash Flow Guys Team in 2019 and brings a wealth of practical, hands on experience to the company.  Beginning his adult life as a highly trained engineer working for the US Department of Defense, he later moved over to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration as a Commissioned Officer in NOAA Corps.  At NOAA he worked both at sea as a Licensed Mate, and later finishing his tour of duty as a highly trained Pilot assigned to fly NOAA Weather Aircraft.

Currently he serves as a Commercial Airline Pilot certified in the Airbus 320 for a large commercial airline.  When he not flying the friendly skies, he serves as the Chief Financial Officer of the Cash Flow Guys team by managing the extensive financial details of our real estate investment fund.  In recent years Mike transitioned from single family vacation rentals over to larger multi family deals and residential assisted living properties.