092 How To Fix Your Credit Score Now

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How To Fix Your Credit Score Now


Today’s show is a pretty big departure from the norm. Usually, I teach you an aspect of real estate investing or a wealth-building strategy, but today I’m joined with Dave Fulk, President of National Credit Federation. Dave is going to show you how you can protect yourself against creditors and bottom-feeder lenders so you don’t end up paying an arm and a leg in interest and fees as you’re building your portfolio. As a former mortgage loan officer, Dave knows how the bank thinks and how you can present yourself in the best light to get lines of credit.

Now before the masses cry out into the night, let me explain: of course you can buy property without credit. That’s what we’re all about! But let’s all be realistic: a Home Depot or Lowe’s credit card can be a true lifesaver when renovating a multi-family apartment building or short-term rental unit.

National Credit Federation doesn’t make overblown promises to the masses but creates a real, step-by-step plan to repair your credit. They screen potential customers so no one is ever choosing between paying the utilities or paying NCF. They only accept those who are financially and mentally ready for credit repair, and not just taking every person who gives them a call.

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