373 – About Non Disclosure and Buyer Broker Agreements

by | Feb 3, 2023 | Podcast | 0 comments

When considering purchasing real estate, it is important to understand buyer-broker agreements—contracts between someone who's buying property and the broker helping them. These contracts typically spell out how much compensation will be paid as well as what type of representation they can expect from their broker. It's essential that all terms are laid out clearly in order for both sides to know exactly what happens if either party fails to comply or defaults on payments; any ambiguity should never be left up for interpretation! If you feel unsure about signing a buyer-broker agreement, make sure you read through the document thoroughly then consider having an attorney review it prior so you have full peace of mind. Failing (or refusing) sign such an agreement may result in your brokerage no longer working with you during your transaction process.  Listen in for several tips on what to do if presented with one of these agreements or an NDA