368 – Buying Situations with Dr Steven Nguyen

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•In this episode, Dr. Steven Nguyen deep dives into under-the-radar styles of real estate investing.

• Steven is a self-made investor who has discovered how to leverage the systems and processes he has learned into a robust portfolio of rentals.

• Using primarily direct mail consisting of his own “yellow letters” system of marketing, he is able to consistently generate a steady amount of leads that has resulted in him now owning over 90 units WITHOUT PARTNERS.

How He Built a 90-Unit Rental Empire Without Any Partners

Before diving into Dr. Steven Nguyen’s success story, it’s important to understand the basics of real estate investing, including the different types of investment strategies available such as fix & flip, buy & hold, wholesaling and more. Knowing which type of strategy best fits your individual situation can help you make informed decisions about which investments are worth pursuing and which ones should be avoided.

Dr. Steven Nguyen was able to leverage his systems and processes into a successful rental portfolio with over 90 units without any partners involved. He started out slowly by acquiring his first property in 2003 and then began building up his portfolio from there. One key factor that helped him succeed was having an organized system in place for managing both short-term & long-term goals with regard to each rental property he invested in — this allowed him to maximize profits while ensuring that all properties were consistently maintained at their highest levels so that tenants would stay longer and vacancies would be kept at a minimum.

Dr Nguyen also utilized direct mail marketing and “yellow letters” system as part of his overall marketing strategy when it came to generating leads for potential renters or buyers for each of his properties. He found that targeting distressed property owners who were likely in need of help selling their homes quickly or renting out their properties on a long-term basis yielded great results — often times these individuals had little knowledge or experience when it came to real estate investing so they were willing to work with him on favorable terms that allowed him to generate steady returns from each investment he made. This type of targeted approach proved invaluable when it came time for him to expand his business further down the line as he already had an established network of people who trusted him enough to do business together again in the future. Conclusion: Through hard work, discipline, smart systems implementation, and an understanding of the basics behind real estate investing; Dr Steven Nguyen has been able to successfully build up a portfolio consisting of over 90 units without any partners involved! His story serves as an excellent example for anyone looking for strategies on how to build up their own rental empire without having any prior experience or capital upfront – if you can follow in his footsteps with determination then there is no telling what heights you can reach!

Investing in “situations” can often be a more lucrative choice than investing in property. People looking to make money through real estate investments often overlook the seller's situation. However, there are many advantages that come with investing in situations instead of simply focusing on physical structures or land. Situations offer a variety of clues that can help you prepare offers that are more likely to be accepted. Additionally, situations will guide you toward a better understanding of what the seller needs to know in order to say “yes” to your offer. Thus, those looking for a lower-risk investment should consider investing in situations rather than solely focusing on the property itself.

Steven provides tons of solid gold nuggets in this episode that I'm sure you'll want to know.  As promised, here is his link tree if you want to connect with him and learn more or follow him on social media: