295 – How To Win Eviction Cases in 2021 With Attorney Shawn Yesner

by | Aug 6, 2021 | Podcast | 0 comments

My oh my, what a week! There I was watching Uncle Joe on C-Span tell me that the eviction ban is over and that there have been legal challenges brought forth by the Supreme Court declaring the ban unconstitutional. He then said that it's unlikely the views of the Supreme Court would change. As a reasonable person with average logic skills, I took this to mean that the eviction ban was finally over…boy, was I wrong.

As you might know, the CDC created another eviction ban even though they (and President Biden) acknowledge it's probably not going to hold up in court. So with that news, I reached out to my team of experts, and that's why Attorney Shawn Yesner of Yesner Law is my guest this week to help us unwind this situation. As usual, the #YesnerWins team does a great job helping us navigate these shark-infested waters. So listen in to learn what to do if you have a non-paying tenant this year.