293 – How To Make $100K Using Facebook Groups NOW

by | Jul 23, 2021 | Podcast | 0 comments

In this episode, I interview Kyle Rodgers of Botfox about how to leverage a little-known, under-the-radar method to find motivated seller leads and cash buyer leads.

When Kyle got started wholesaling, he quickly discovered that generation can get expensive really quickly.  Also, he discovered that it takes a great deal of time to generate leads when you are going at it all alone.  He needed to figure out a way to generate high converting quality leads without breaking the bank and without working lots of hours to get them.  That’s when Botfox.net was born.

Kyle cast aside all other forms of marketing and doubled down on teaching himself how to use Facebook groups to find cash buyers and motivated sellers.  He then wanted to scale his business but knew that was impossible by himself.  It was then that he developed his proprietary training system to teach others how to generate leads for him!

Kyle has put in the work and sweat to develop the Botfox system which is what he uncovers in this episode you won’t want to miss.