292 – When Its Ok To Quit

by | Jul 15, 2021 | Podcast | 0 comments

There comes a time in every investor’s lifespan when it just seems time to give up.  Although for most, I wouldn’t agree, but for some, perhaps they are correct in arriving at this decision.

Here’s what I mean…

We all know the riches and fame that can come from being a real estate investor, blah, blah…but it can also destroy people faster than it can make them a rockstar.

Real estate investing is something that attracts people of all financial classes, rich and poor.  The problem is that many of the poor investors have yet to develop the personal financial discipline necessary to be successful in real estate.

If you’re having a tough time making ends meet month after month, real estate won’t usually save you, in fact, it will likely make things worse.  This week I expand on this thinking and offer solutions to help get you on track in the future.