291 – Getting Schooled By Zillow

by | Jul 9, 2021 | Podcast | 0 comments

Recently I was attending YouTube University by watching a suggested video on my feed titled “Zillow is Manipulating The Real Estate Market, They Need To Stop”.  I’ll admit, the title was a great hook that sucked me into watching the video.  The host of the video spent the entire 18+ minutes whining about how unfair Zillow is being by buying up properties from the market and reselling them.  I suppose that’s one view on the situation…

Frankly, I find Zillow’s project brilliant, they were able to secure funding capital for 3% give or take and are buying up these properties in great markets around the country and making a fortune on volume sales.  Instead of complaining about their methods, I’m going to watch and learn how they are doing this and replicate it.

It’s easy to cry foul these days, there’s always someone in earshot that will commiserate with your pain and join you in victimhood, but imagine the possibilities if instead of complaining about it, we simply learned how to make those profits for ourselves….after all, I’m sure Zillow would enjoy a bit of competition in the marketplace so with that said…let’s go make some MONEY!!