289 – Do You Have The Courage To Crash?

by | Jun 25, 2021 | Podcast | 0 comments

Do you have the courage to crash?

While watching a seabird hunt recently I watched him take action to go in for the kill on his next meal. He tucked his wings to reduce wind drag and slammed himself into the ocean (head first) to capture his dinner. 
The seabird spends much of his day flying around as opportunistic feeders do, but, when he sees the opportunity he does not think much about it, instead, he tucks his wings and splash!
This is how he eats each and every day.
Sometimes he misses, storms arrive, and churn up the water which hides his meal from him…does that mean he should go home? Nope! He simply keeps looking by flying around and when the right meal is caught he swallows it.
So what’s stopping you from doing the same? Are you looking for opportunities each and every day? Are your actions intentional?
It's easy to say everything is overpriced, or complain about how “hot” the market is, but know this…there are still plenty of deals out there for those who are willing to do that work.
In this episode, I explore ways to help you build the courage to be like the seabird and CRASH!