283 – Where My Income Comes From

by | May 14, 2021 | Podcast | 0 comments

Over the last several years many people have asked and wondered how I specifically earn my income.  Was I a drug dealer?  Did I have rich parents?  Nope!

In this episode, I peel back the curtain for everyone to learn where my income comes from.

What's important about this episode, in particular, is that you understand that it's because I have multiple streams of income that I don't have to ever go back to work.

By focusing more on several smaller streams instead of one larger one I bet insulate myself from sliding backward financially because if one income stream suffers, the others continue to produce.

The same is true in real estate, it's not a bad idea to spread yourself out a bit, perhaps by investing in different types of assets or deals while also doing some passive and active investing.

As you see an opportunity, capture it, add it to your portfolio and then go out and get another.