280 – How To Overcome Sticker Shock

Asking price does not matter…

For Sale By Owner Properties are overpriced

Properties sold by wholesalers are overpriced

Bank Foreclosures are overpriced

Listed Properties are overpriced

ALL off-market properties are overpriced and actually “on market” so stop saying off-market people

All contractor bids are too high

All Real Estate Commissions are too expensive

All Lawyers are too pricey

All closing costs are too costly

All Lenders charge too much in fees

All Banks charge too many fees

Income Tax is a Ripoff

Sales Tax is Theft

Property Tax is a scam

All Cable bills are too costly

All water bills are ridiculous

All electric bills are feeding a monopoly

All new cars aren’t worth what they are asking

All Hotels aren’t worth the nightly rate

All meals at fancy restaurants are price gouging

Mixed drinks sold at a bar are a rip-off, the price of a cold beer is crazy…

Regardless, each and every one of us buys or pays for these things each and every day of our lives.

Look at the property anyway, find the value, if there is none then go look at another.  Either way, if you allow the price of something to stop you in your tracks you will never cover any ground, you will remain stuck.

Listen in for some great tips on how to discover opportunity regardless of the “asking price” of an asset.