279 – What Questions Should I Ask Sellers?

by | Apr 16, 2021 | Podcast | 0 comments

This episode was born from a listener question in regard to what sort of questions should you ask when speaking with a seller.  For me, this was a struggle in the beginning because I didn’t have any points of reference to keep me on track.  

Many years in sales taught me to avoid scripts if at all possible so I could better craft the meeting into a more conversational style.  I did not want to risk sounding like a robot, instead, I wanted to build rapport and ease into the conversation so that I could learn what I needed about the seller and their pain points without sounding like a lawyer in a cross-examination.

As a result of learning to get better at talking with sellers, I created my property information form.  I looked at tons of examples I found on the internet and took bits and pieces from each one in order to craft one that best fit my needs.  In fact, I still use the form to this day in each and every Seller encounter.  

To obtain a free copy of the form visit my website at CashFlowGuys.com and click on the resources tab for the download link.