262 – Almost Too Easy

by | Dec 18, 2020 | Podcast | 0 comments

Meanwhile, while many people are spending countless hours lamenting over which catchy LLC Name, Logo style, and color they should choose for their real estate company, I have been busy building my business.

How you might ask?

By finding motivated sellers and marketing to those sellers right under the noses of any Realtor or Investor competition I might think I had.

Here is how my day went…wakeup at 0630, make a cup of coffee, and get outside on the porch to experience the rising sun and calm surroundings.  I read the Wall Street Journal so that I can stay up to date on what’s happening in the world as it relates to financial markets and the psychology of the consumer.

After all, while many people try to lie to themselves about how they are “not a salesman”, I wear that title as a badge of honor.  I am also a savage marketer…embracing it is what made me wealthy beyond my wildest imagination and what allowed me to retire to the paradise of the Florida Keys.  And for that, I make no apology.

For me to earn any money at all, I first need to find problems to solve…that meant I needed to find two things, motivated sellers and money to invest with.

Finding money to invest wound up being much simpler than I originally thought it would be.  So simple I made a crash course on the topic to show you how to raise all the money you need the easy way, without a big song and dance.  You can grab that course for a whopping $47.00 investment at PrivateMoneyCrashCourse.

See what I did there?  I make no apology…if you want to watch the sunrise in paradise, spend the $47.00, do the work, and move in next door.

Back to my day….

At 10 am I figured I would be productive since my fishing reels won’t be ready at the repair shop until 1pm.  I decided to put together a list of motivated sellers to market my services to.  As a Realtor, I can either buy their property myself or help them sell it…either way, I make money and get to help them solve their problem.

So…I pull a list in my local zip code of pre-foreclosure properties.  I click list Automator so that if any of these sellers work out their financial situation and are able to escape foreclosure I don’t waste their time or my money marketing to them.  Notice I did not mention the waste of my time?  That’s because finding them took me less than five minutes.

I then skip trace them within my system (learn more at cashflowguys.com/data where you can get a free trial and possibly win a whole year of the service for free).

Now that they are skip traced I have the seller’s mailing info and name, a phone number, and an email address to work with.

Next, I invest 15 minutes in creating a landing page for sellers who choose to go online to communicate with me.

Now I go over to the campaign section, find a “done for me” postcard from the list of options and send it to 747 contacts in my database.  This part took 12 minutes. It’s now 10:27 am and I am literally marketing myself to 747 people as often as I want for less than the cost of a dinner for two.

If I want to go crazy and hit them by direct mail, email, AND phone?  I can record a one-time voicemail in Propstream and send it off instantly to all 747 people for less than I will spend buying lunch today.

This all begins as CashFlowGuys.com/Data what are you waiting for?