261 – Covid Lawsuit Traps for Investors

by | Dec 11, 2020 | Podcast | 0 comments

Make no mistake, it's a brave new world, new situations come with new consequences.
Understand this….Buyers / Sellers / Realtors / Wholesalers / Flippers CAN be sued related to Covid cases impacting those they do business with.
There is no catch-all set of laws covering Covid and possible litigation that can come from it, each jurisdiction will be different (so far as we know right now).  There is so much unknown it is becoming ever important to start looking at ways to protect yourself from possible liability.
Remember, even though you might likely win your case, you will still end up wasting thousands of dollars and too much time defending yourself from such a lawsuit.
To begin,  let's talk about disclosure…Article 2 of the NAR Code of ethics addresses agents making proper disclosures…if you are an agent, might want to familiarize yourself with this again…what if a seller has or had covid? Do you need to disclose that? could you be sued for not disclosing that? Maybe…is the easy answer
What about privacy laws, would you be violating any privacy laws protecting the infected person and therefore subject to a lawsuit?  I discuss a few different scenarios in this week’s episode that you need to consider and then hopefully take the steps to protect yourself and your business from such hassles.
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