251 – Disney Does Dirty Deals Done Dirt Cheap

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RETLAW (Retlaw backward is Walter) 

Reedy Creek Ranch Lands was run by a guy named M.T. Lott (say the name quickly to get the joke) 

In 1955 Walt Disney has learned a powerful lesson upon the opening of Disneyland in Anaheim, CA by not buying a large enough parcel of land to build his theme park.  By the time he realized his error, neighboring parcel owners demanded a small fortune per acre to sell him more land because they felt Walt had deep pockets. 

In May of 1965 Disney started buying up land in the Orlando, Fl area to build what would later become Disney World.  Mr Disney was able to buy the majority of the land he needed for an average of $80.00 per acre.  He used Land Trusts to maintain the secrecy of the true buyer name.  Once word eventually got out, the price jumped up 1000% to $80,000 per acre.   

Land Trusts are a great way to take title to a property while keeping the true owner’s information private.  Although not considered “Asset Protection”, land trusts make it more difficult to track down who owns the land and therefore is responsible if things go wrong.  By keeping your portfolio information private, slip and fall lawyers are less inclined to pursue legal action against you if there are no significant assets for them to attach. 

Land Trusts can also be used to keep a buyer’s information private to as not to alert the seller of a buyer who is well known or has deep pockets. 

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