239 – How To Crush Your Market With This One Skill

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How To Crush Your Market With This One Skill

How To Crush Your Market With This One Skill

In the famous book Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill, “Organized Planning” is a chapter of which we will cover today.  I want to specifically address the subsection titled “Planning the Sale of Services. 

Believe it or not, as a real estate investor you earn based on the sale of ideas and services, not so much the buying, selling, or renting of real estate.  It’s not about the transaction, it’s about what you provide to the marketplace.  Anyone can complete a transaction if they have the opportunity and the means, but few know how to provide the service that brings forth the opportunity and the means. 

In the book, Mr Hill mentions the sale of ideas, which happens to be one of the ways I have achieved financial freedom. 

In order to master the sale of ideas or services, we must first learn how to become a leader worthy of being noticed or align ourselves with such a leader. 

When I was a freight broker, truck drivers came to me because they knew me as a person who had information on where they could find good-paying loads to haul.  Shippers also came to me because I had direct access to some of the hardest working, most qualified truck drivers in the industry.  You see, that’s how I made my money…by selling ideas and information. 

Sellers often choose to list a property for sale with a Realtor because they perceive the broker to have access to qualified buyers or know how to effectively advertise in order to capture a buyers attention. 

Some sellers choose to sell to a wholesaler based on the idea that the wholesaler will make the transaction quick and painless for them to rid themselves of an unwanted asset. 

Either way, a leader is brought in to take care of business…that’s just how life works.  Maybe you are reading this thinking to yourself “I’m not the leader type” Well, that’s ok too…in fact, I discuss that very feeling in this week's episode.