236 – How To Leverage The Power of a Group

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How To Leverage The Power of a Group

How To Leverage The Power of a Group

In this episode, I am going to discuss the power of leveraging a group to help you build your portfolio. The idea for this episode was born from seeing a long line of identical cars rolling down US-1 last weekend in the Florida Keys. 

The cars were Nissan GTR’s that I later learned can cost upwards of $100,000 more to acquire, even if when used.  The sight of all those cars got me thinking…what if that group of 100 car owners got together and invested together into a cash-flowing asset? 

Well, if they do, the next car could be paid for by that cash flowing asset.   

Imagine being able to buy a $100k automobile without having to pay for it! 

That’s one of the basic principles taught by Robert Kyosaki and the Rich Dad advisors. 

When like-minded people get together, who share the desire to accomplish great things…they often wind up very successful! 

You might be thinking that you wouldn’t be able to take part in the group because you lack the cash…but wait, do you have skills that could be extremely valuable to the group? 

Perhaps you are a skilled negotiator or are willing to learn these skills.  Maybe you are great with numbers and can handle the deal analyzing part? 

The bottom line is that when you spend time around like-minded people and share your shortcomings as well as talents you can accomplish things never before thought possible! 

Take a listen to this week’s episode to expand your mind on how leveraging the power of a group could help you get to where you want to be.