234 – Using Traffic Secrets to Find Your Dream Customer

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Using Traffic Secrets to Find Your Dream Customer

Using Traffic Secrets to Find Your Dream Customer

In this week’s episode, I am changing things up a bit by doing something we have never done before.  I will be sharing (with permission) a chapter from Russell Brunson’s new book Traffic Secrets. 

You can pickup a free copy (just pay shipping) here: CashFlowGuys.com/TrafficSecrets 

What do I mean by traffic?  Traffic means driving people’s attention to your sales funnel so that you can offer them your product or service.  You might be thinking, Dude, I don’t need a sales funnel, I am a real estate investor.  I’d have to disagree with you.  In fact, without a sales funnel the failure rate for a real estate investor is quite high! 

Why would I say that?  Time is why.  Here’s the thing, our time is limited, we are all busy doing as much as we can to find capital and deals right?  Sometimes we are focused on funding, other times we are trying to find properties to buy, flip, or wholesale all while burning the candle at both ends. 

By building a sales funnel, we can harness the power of digital marketing to attract qualified leads to our real estate business so that we can educate them on the services we offer and the value we provide to the marketplace. 

An example of the value we provide would be when you help someone learn how to avoid being ripped off in the Wall Street casino by opening a Self Directed IRA.  When someone who lost money in stocks learns that they have the ability to self direct their retirement a light becomes visible at the end of that retirement tunnel.  The person you help then feels compelled to choose you as the person to invest their money in because you have already provided them valuable information. 

Another example of providing value would be to teach a homeowner what they need to know to sell their house themselves and therefore avoid paying a real estate commission.  You can even go so far as to provide them free resources to help them be successful, you will find that the majority of people would just rather take the easy road and sell their home to you or have you find a buyer for them. 

As Russell Brunson says, people are either moving away from pain or towards pleasure.  It’s our job to identify what our future customers are more focused on and what pain they are experiencing and what pleasure they seek.