226 – Covid 19 Stimulus Package Facts For Real Estate Investors

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Covid 19 Stimulus Package Facts For Real Estate Investors

Below is a link for you to get access to the stimulus package documentation on the Congress website.  

After getting caught in the Google Black Hole myself I figured this way was easier. 

That link is: CashFlowGuys.com/Bailout 

I'm sure you have noticed the misinformation out there about what is going on in the world right now. 

For Pandemic guidance, follow the World Health Organization and CDC. 

For many Americans there are lots of benefits available from the stimulus package.  I’d suggest you read the table of contents to see what may apply to your situation. 

Although we are in troubled times, I ask that you avoid taking on debt during this crisis unless it is necessary.  

Many of the options offered by the SBA are forgivable yet certain conditions apply.  Be sure to read those sections of the bill to be sure the terms are crystal clear to you. 

There are better ways to put cash in your pocket besides borrowing money from credit cards and such. (Think eBay) 

Before borrowing money, research what grants may be available to you at SBA.gov