220 – Why Realtors and Sellers Get Offended and How To Overcome It

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Why Realtors and Sellers Get Offended and How To Overcome It

Why Realtors and Sellers Get Offended and How To Overcome It

It comes as no surprise that sometimes sellers (and their agents) get offended when we make offers on properties listed for sale.   

In this episode I will discuss how we can learn to make offers on investment property without offending the seller. 

In the beginning I would refuse to make offers in fear of upsetting the seller or their agent.  I looked at lots of properties but spun my wheels when it came time to writing offers. 

Then, when I mustered up the courage to make an offer I got shot down.   

I thought about this perplexing situation a bunch, and then it hit me… 

Understand this….You can’t control the emotions of another person, but you can control the release of a trigger…and I was releasing triggers like crazy! 

More sales have started with the salesman’s mouth closed than when it was open. 

Eventually I learned that if I didn’t trigger them they won’t get offended.   

To work through this problem I began to focus on communicating effectively by asking well thought out questions to learn more about the seller’s situation.   

When I got shut down I did not make offers on those properties.  When I got my answers, I then made offers on those properties. 

The more I spoke with people and asked questions instead of making statements, the more offers I began to make and soon followed offer acceptance! 

Remember, you can win more friends with your ears than your mouth. 

Pro Tip: Ask open ended questions over the phone, not by text, email or social media. 

Before calling smile before you dial and stay smiling, it will come through on the phone. 

Understanding why the property is priced where it is which happens by asking good questions. 

Asking good questions must be followed by good listening for the answers.   

Once I began to focus more on them, than on myself I noticed people stopped being offended because they could tell I was invested in them and wanted to help where I could. 

I promise you if you start making practice calls today the process will not be painful for long, but every day you wait prolongs the pain in the process.