218 – Start Ugly with Chris Krimitsos

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Start Ugly with Chris Krimitsos

Start Ugly with Chris Krimitsos

In this episode, I track down my good friend Chris Krimitsos to discuss his groundbreaking book “Start Ugly” which you can find at CashFlowGuys.com/StartUgly 

This episode is quite different from any other episode I have done before, because… I “started ugly” as Chris likes to say.  Starting ugly for this episode all began with a phone call, with no expectation of an answer or any idea of the conversation about to happen. 

For me…starting ugly is about not putting much thought at all into the limiting belief of “what if I fail?  Instead, I have learned to think more about “what if I succeed?” 

The book is a parable about allowing yourself to take imperfect action in order to overcome the many roadblocks we face in getting started on a new idea. 

Today, my idea was to call Chris (without him knowing in advance) and begin to interview him about his book and to discuss his event multimedia conference called Podfest.  Lucky for me he answered the phone! 

But…what if he hadn’t answered the phone?  I mean heck… I was already recording…Would I have looked stupid to my listeners?  Perhaps they might think I was a little crazy for recording all that but life would have gone on anyway.   

What about you?  Are you willing to start ugly?  Are you willing to pick up the phone and call a seller whom you have never spoken to before?  I sure wasn’t, but once I realized that the sellers wouldn’t bite it started to become a little less taxing on me. 

I also used to worry about looking or sounding stupid, and now I realize that most folks are too distracted to notice whatever I did to look stupid in the first place.  Listen in to this episode for lots of solid gold nuggets that Chris gives us in this interview. 

Fun Fact: It was Chris and his community at Podfest that is the reason the Cash Flow Guys podcast became reality.  I was slated to attend a Real Estate cruise when Chris invited me to his special event and pretty much insisted that I attend.  It was that invitation that changed my life forever. 

To learn more about Podfest, and grab your ticket while supplies last, go to PodfestExpo.com today