217 – No Deals In Your Market? Here Is A Way To Find Them

by | Feb 7, 2020 | Podcast | 0 comments

no deals in your area? here is a way to find them

No Deals In Your Market? Here Is A Way To Find Them

I hear this often…”there are no deals in my market”  I call BS on that statement.  There are no deals for You because you are not doing the work to create them.  That is because you don’t have enough leads or the wrong leads.  How do you get in front of more people?  You search for problems and you convert those problems into opportunities by offering sellers a solution (instead of 75% of ARV minus repairs) 

Most folks only focus on trying to buy what’s for sale.  That’s cute and all but what happens when another buyer has the same idea as you?  A bidding war that’s what!  Speaking of bidding wars and auctions, who really wins those anyway…the highest bidder?  I think not, the highest bidder often overpaid.  

You can only pay what an asset can afford to pay and the only way to determine that is to spend time speaking with motivated sellers.  When you focus on finding problems instead of properties you will quickly realize that your deals will become much better because you are providing solutions to the seller instead of trying to be the highest bidder. 

In this episode, I give away a solid gold idea that will help you and a select group of people you know do ten times the deals you are now…listen in to find out what that is.