216 – Part 6 – The Top 23 Questions We Never Ask

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Part 6 - The Top 23 Questions We Never Ask

Part 6 – The Top 23 Questions We Never Ask

In this episode, I dive into the summary of this series on the questions we need to be asking every seller and likely don’t.  When I ask “Is there anything else I should know about this property” I often pick up more tidbits I can use to build out an offer that will get my seller to say yes.  The reason they say yes is that they know I care about their situation and know that my offer isn’t a guess, instead it is specifically designed to meet their needs in regard to price or terms. 

Keep in mind that I don’t mean that sellers always say yes, quite the contrary, however, my success level of putting together profitable deals right from the start is much higher than most. 

Another question I ask is “Do you have any idea why the property has not sold yet?”  You’d be surprised how often I receive a very honest answer.  Having a seller go through the process of openly admitting they are priced too high goes a long way towards getting them to reduce the price themselves, without any help from me.  Additionally, they often begin to unconsciously focus on the negatives of the property, therefore mentally diminishing the property’s value.  When I experience this happening I know its time to wrap things up and get this deal inked on paper.