210 – I Was Wrong About Direct Mail

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I Was Wrong About Direct Mail

I Was Wrong About Direct Mail

Ok, I’ll be the first to admit when I am wrong, and THIS Time I was wrong, I am speaking about direct mail.  The reason I have not been a huge fan of this method of marketing is that it’s generally the least effective form of marketing I see.  Although it does work to some degree, the “acceptable” engagement rates are lackluster at best. 

Word on the street is that an acceptable response rate on direct mail is around 2% which for me is simply unacceptable. 

If you have been paying attention, you have heard me say that I am studying the art of writing sales copy from people like Jim Edwards, Gary Halbert, Dan Kennedy, Eugene Schwartz to name a few.  This week I just finished Dan’s book called “The Ultimate Sales Letter” when I had an epiphany I felt I needed to share with you. 

I discuss this in greater detail during the episode so be sure to listen in to grab those nuggets and put them to use immediately.  After all, how many “We Buy Houses” letters or postcards are you willing to pay for? 

PS: A GREAT way to start learning is to grab a free copy of Jim Edwards new copybook at CashFlowGuys.com/CopyBook