209 – Why The First $100 Matters

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Why The First $100 Matters

209 – Why The First $100 Matters

This week we are going to have a conversation about how to make that first $100 in recurring revenue.  You might be wondering why I picked such a “low” number considering that for many, the magic number to escape the rat race seems to be $10k a month. 

As you can imagine, it takes lots of $100 bills to make $10,000, in fact, it takes one hundred of them every month to add up to $10,000.  That sure sounds like a bunch of work, doesn’t it?   

Here’s the good news, you don’t need anywhere near 100 doors or properties to escape the rat race. 

Too much focus on “scaling” can be a recipe for disaster.  Instead, let’s get focused on a small win to gain proof of concept. 

First,  focus on learning what the realistic rent amount is for a property based on its current condition. 

Not in rentable condition?  Then you can’t pay a price that reflects it being in a rent-ready state. 

How to do the math on this?  Listen in to this episode to learn more on how to quickly break down the deal to determine a Go/NoGo