207 – The Investor’s #1 Money Waster

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the investor's #1 money waster

The Investor's #1 Money Waster

Everyone wants to get deals and raise money, however, I am of the belief that few are willing to innovate in order to accomplish that.  By innovate I mean to take specific steps to stand out from the rest in your market.  We are surrounded by marketing messages everywhere we look, as the saying goes…Innovate or Die! 

In this episode, we will discuss the real estate investor’s biggest waste of money. 

“We Buy Houses” is dead..we ruined it by overusing it matching with a sketchy reputation of those who do use it.  To many sellers it says “I am about to get lowballed” or maybe those “We Buy Houses People Are Sketchy”, either way, its no longer a worthwhile message to put out to the universe. 

Building relationships is the key to get to the closing table and beyond.  To effectively build relationships, know, like and trust are the ingredients.  To build relationships we have to overcome any opportunity for a negative assessment of what we are offering and the simplest way to accomplish that is to avoid those situations in the first place by modifying your marketing message. 

Untargeted marketing is a colossal waste of money and time.. In fact..it’s the #1 money waster for real estate investors. 

If you use the same copy like everyone else, the same subject lines and titles, the same descriptions of what you offer, how can you expect to be any more successful than the next investor?

When I was learning how to build funnels and market myself effectively I invested very little time in my titles or subject lines and most of my time in the body of what I was writing. 

I couldn’t figure out why my copy did not covert well. 

I had no title, no subject line, nothing to grab the reader’s attention. 

What if, instead of “We Buy Houses” you used “How To Find A Good Buyer Fast In As Little As One Week” or “How To Find A Qualified Home Buyer Today” 

Then give them a place to go to get that information in exchange for their contact information. 

In this episode, I give specific examples of better sales copy you can use to convert motivated seller leads and find financial friends to raise private money from.  Much of what I have learned came from reading my new favorite book (link below), you can get a free copy if you pay a couple of bucks for shipping by using my affiliate link at CashFlowGuys.com/CopySecrets