206 – How Do I Get Deal Review Help

by | Nov 22, 2019 | Podcast | 0 comments

How Do I Get Deal Review Help

How do I know if you have a good deal or not?  This is one of the most popular questions I had when I was getting started as a real estate investor.  Looking back at the deals I have done (both good and bad); I now realize that the answer to the original question was staring me in the face. 

This week I discuss how I came to this realization and how I have used this realization to become a better investor.  Along the way, I added to my arsenal of tools by creating a deal review form in addition to my #1 method of knowing if a deal was worthwhile or not. 

I added this special bonus to my free Mailbox Money Deal Analyzer course that you can grab by visiting http://cashflowguys.com/mailboxmoney 

Remember, when it comes to getting great deals, we must begin with a motivated seller and a problem we can solve, otherwise we are just stabbing in the dark.  When we invest time, resources and capital into making deals to the unmotivated, we are guaranteeing ourselves future disappointment.