202 – The Art of The Deal

by | Oct 25, 2019 | Podcast | 0 comments

The Art of the Deal

In this episode, I discuss the most recent deal we put together for one of our clients.  The seller was a tired landlord who did not like the small multi-family sector, in this case, an 8 unit apartment building.  We took on the task of selling this property for her only a year after she bought it. 

In any deal in which I am involved, I focus my energy on why the Seller is selling and more importantly, what they intend on doing with the money.  In this case, the Seller’s plans were to secure a more passive investment arrangement with the proceeds of the sale.  She wanted a return that was secure and would outpace inflation. 

What I heard right there was music to my ears, listen-in to hear how we broke this deal down and created a true win/win for the Buyer AND Seller.