197 – How To Profit From Rent Control

by | Sep 20, 2019 | Podcast | 0 comments

how to profit from rent control

How To Profit From Rent Control

Lots of people are freaking out about new laws being passed in many markets regarding rent control and increased regulation impacting landlords. 

Oregon, New York, and California all have rent control implemented, in California its going to be statewide. 

Before you panic, first, invest some time reading the actual piece of legislation.  California Statewide Rent Control means an apartment owner cannot raise the rent on apartments more than 5% PLUS the rate of inflation per year at a cap of 10%. 

How many of you currently raise your rents each year, without fail at all? Let alone 5% or more? 

The reality is that most landlords fail to raise rents in fear of losing tenants.  California seems to have overlooked the little guy investor but is focused on the 2 million apartments across California. 

If you look at this from the right angle, the State of California just did you a huge favor, regardless of what market you invest in…tune into the episode to learn how.