196 – How To Create Deals on Overpriced Properties

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How To Create Deals on Overpriced Properties

How To Create Deals on Overpriced Properties

This week I discuss a few things to help you shift your mindset towards getting more deals done.   

First, understand that everything is overpriced and always will be.  What someone “wants” when selling something simply does not matter, what matters is the buyer's perception of the value. 

PLEASE understand that there is no such thing as an advertised “good deal”, now that we have that out of the way, perhaps you can stop “looking for a deal” since we are clear that you will never “find” a deal.  Deals are created by buyers and sellers sitting down to have a great conversation. 

Stop searching “what’s for sale” aka the “low hanging fruit” expecting a deal to be sitting there ready for the taking.  Instead, focus on finding problems for which your offers can then provide a solution.  If you are trying to get a deal on a property or situation where there is no problem I have two words for you.. Good Luck 

Always be sure to first determine the Seller’s motivation.  Unmotivated sellers should not be entertained by spending time with us.  An unmotivated seller is usually looking for a retail buyer to pay top dollar and is rarely open to any sort of creative acquisition.  

Listen in to hear some of the best questions to ask a seller during the fact-finding and negotiations phase.