184 – How To Become An Expert Quickly

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How To Become An Expert Quickly

I talk to a bunch of people each week who share similar roadblocks to raising money because they don’t feel they have enough expertise to speak intelligently about real estate.  Although they might be correct, these same people can learn quickly and achieve unconscious competence.  How you ask? 


For immersion to happen, first we must drill down tight on a specific topic and learn every aspect of it until you can teach it to someone else.  Maybe your student is a family member, a stranger, a colleague or a friend.  I know what you are thinking..you don’t want to teach anyone until you are at the point you won’t make a mistake..that’s just silly! 

You cannot learn and look good at the same time!  A good example of that is found by watching our blooper reel for our new “Cashflow Roadshow” YouTube Channel at: CashFlowGuys.com/Roadshow while you are there, be sure to subscribe to see more of my stupidity. 

Toastmasters is a great organization, but did you know that it is most likely the BEST environment to practice what you have learned?  At Toastmasters you will get solid feedback on your performance, your subject matter and also be put in a position to listen to others.  By learning to become a great listener, we also become great negotiators as a byproduct. 

What’s the next step? Share what you learn with others on social media once you are confident you understand the topic. (More on this in the episode itself. 

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