182 – Overcoming The Past To Succeed In The Future

by | Jun 7, 2019 | Podcast | 0 comments

Overcoming The Past To Succeed In The Future

Bad things happen in our past, that’s just part of life.  I know, it is much more complex than just those words, however this week I want to discuss the importance of overcoming the past, in order to secure your future. 

Bankruptcy, divorce, bad credit, bounced checks, past due bills happen, sometimes it feels like there’s no getting around it.  For many this is very true, for others, they can use these bad feelings of the past to rise up above the ignorance that they once experienced in order to never repeat history. 

History is a great teacher, in fact, those that refuse to study and understand history are doomed to repeat it as the saying goes. 

There is nothing wrong with looking back to the past for subtle reminders of where you were at one point in your life, but don’t dwell in those thoughts.  Instead, look forward, avoid “over-sharing” of your past and instead of talking or thinking about the drama of the past, take in some new information, positive information that will benefit you. 

Bankruptcy is intended to provide closure, as is divorce, therefore allow these things to become the closure they were intended to be.  If you allow yourself to dwell on everything you have done wrong, there won’t be much time left to plan how to do things right.  It’s really easy to let our mistakes hold us back from future accomplishments in fear of repeating history.  Hopefully, you are a person who learns from the past instead of allowing it to hold you back from a positive future.