177 – Where Do I Fit In This Game

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Where Do I Fit In This Game

This week I discuss where you, the aspiring investor fits into the game of investing.  I talk to many people each week who respond to the opportunity to get on a call with me to help them get stuck, many of those calls revolve around people needing direction. 

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I remember wondering where I should begin, I also remember how paralyzing this decision was.  Do I do deals alone?  With partners? Should I JV? Do a syndication?  Get a mortgage?  What about hard money loans?  Maybe I should be out driving for dollars, after all, everyone seems to be doing that, wait…should I wholesale first?  All valid questions no doubt! 

STOP!  Breathe.. 

Ok, now let’s first focus on thinking about what you are good at.  What skills do you have that would be beneficial in a real estate transaction or company.  Perhaps you come from a construction background, or maybe you are simply good at managing people.  Could you leverage that experience into equity in a deal?  Of course you can! 

I am really good at closing (sales), raising money and dealing with tough problems to find solutions that benefit all parties.  Therefore, in my organization I primarily raise money and solve the larger and more delicate problems. 

Do you have a flair for advertising or marketing?  Maybe that’s your role which can help the asset manager find more leads, the money raiser book more appointments to build relationships with investors or to help the property management team find more tenants. 

Regardless of your skill sets, I bet you can dig deep and find tangible skills to bring to the table.  As you listen to this episode, be listening for specific instructions on how you can begin to assemble your power team.  After all, NONE of us can do this alone. 

Till next week….