167 How To Buy a Note This Week with Brett Burky from PaperStac

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brett burky

How To Buy A Note This Week With Brett Burky From Paperstac

In this week’s episode, I interview Brett Burky from Paperstac about exactly How To Buy a performing or non-performing note for investment.  Paperstac.com is an online platform that helps note buyers and seller connect and complete note investing transactions online.

During this episode, Brett discusses how the Paperstac system works as well as the many benefits to both buyers and sellers of notes.  “Back in the Day” note investing wasn’t a very efficient process.  The industry was essentially closed to the “little guy” and was a playground for the corporate banking elite.  With services like Paperstac, the average person can go online, research an investment opportunity, have the ability to fully screen the investment and make a purchase all from the comfort of home.

The service adds much-needed transparency to the note buying and selling business, while making it easy to complete a transaction.  Being able to verify data is a critical requirement for any investor in order to help them make logical decisions with their investment capital.  You can also use services like our sponsor Rentometer to verify rents of properties found on Paperstac which will help you accurately underwrite each opportunity and establish exit strategies that make sense.

When we consider buying a note secured by real estate, we look at the asset’s feasibility as a rental in the event we wound up with the property and decided to keep it as a rental.  Rentometer allows us to see the current rent amounts in the area where the property is located.  By using the Google Street View integration included with the Rentometer service I can quickly see what the neighborhood rentals look like and get a good feel for the area I am buying into.  Be sure to visit Rentometer.com/Pro and sign up for a free trial today!