161 Limiting Beliefs

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Limiting Beliefs

Limiting Beliefs


In this episode, I discuss limiting beliefs that hold good people back from accomplishing great things. As Jim Rohn says “we get paid for bringing value to the marketplace”. This applies to EVERY business all over the world, not just real estate investors.

Having the proper focus and mindset geared toward solutions instead of problems is one element that allows us to see, feel and experience success. I mention several examples of people who are bringing value to the marketplace and also offer suggestions about how you can accomplish the same. In order for anything to get accomplished, we have to decide that we won’t accept the status quo, instead, we need to innovate, to decide that things will happen for us and then execute the tasks necessary to get us over the finish line.

One of the first things that hold us back is believing that we need to save our own money to buy assets. This might be true if you were getting started in the stock market, but in real estate, you can use OPM or “Other People’s Money” to acquire assets.

Some folks feel that they must start as a wholesaler or house flipper before they earn the right to buy property and keep them. Others feel a real estate license is required, not true! What IS required is a huge amount of focus, determination and drive to make it happen.

The biggest reason most people succeed is that they are first willing to “get uncomfortable” and remain uncomfortable in order for them to accomplish what they needed with the proper amount of focus to stay on track. When we are comfortable, we generally lack motivation, and I don’t need to explain to you how that works out!

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