160 Here Is The Deal

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Here Is The Deal

Here Is The Deal

You can’t FIND a deal. It's not possible. You gotta create them. For that to happen you must be direct to the decision maker. Stop bitching about the price of what is for sale and start learning how to solve problems. it's really that simple.

Is real estate investing “easy”? Heck NO..but it IS simple (if you allow it to be).

In today’s society, humans tend to make things far more difficult than they need to be. We read into everything and try to find things hidden between the lines that don’t exist. We allow fear to tell our brains to stay safe and take the easy road, heck, we even invested an actual Easy Button!

Remember this..you will not be able to borrow your way to wealth, banks won’t let you, they cut you off and soon will cut most people off as the economy turns. This means you must learn how to use other people’s money if you plan to truly achieve wealth. The stock market requires you to use your own cash in most cases (unless you are a stockbroker), insider trading is illegal on Wall Street.

In real estate, we encourage you to use other people’s money and insider trading is encouraged instead of illegal. Insider trading means learning how to discover problems and provide solutions to them while the other “investors” are busy hearing some wholesaler talk about “ARV”. That said, leverage responsibly, avoid high-cost debt at all costs, especially teaser rates and loans.

You will never make any money in real estate without learning how to market yourself effectively, in our Mailbox Money group coaching program Jill and I teach you how to raise the capital you need and also teach you how to effectively market yourself in order to attract leads for opportunity and capital. For more info on that, go to http://MailBoxMoneyCoach.com

Don’t think that you don’t need to market yourself as a buyer, buying off the shelf will NOT build wealth, it will only fatten the wallet of the people helping you buy. Being one of those people that help you buy (a Realtor) understand that the person representing the seller could care less about you “getting a deal”. Only you care about getting you a deal, therefore negotiations is a skill that must be learned and mastered. If this is an overwhelming challenge for you then get on the phone with me and learn some tips to make negotiation easier for you. This can be done at http://CashFlowGuys.com/AskTyler