159 It’s All About Mind Over Matter in 2019 with Rod Khleif

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It's All About Mind Over Matter in 2019 with Rod Khleif

It’s All About Mind Over Matter in 2019 with Rod Khleif


Rod Khleif is a man that needs little to no introduction, he is the host of the #1 Real Estate Podcast “Lifetime Cashflow Through Real Estate Investing Podcast” that has an audience of over 5 million.

In this incredible episode, Rod pulls back the curtain and discusses the Psychology of Success and how it has changed his entire life’s trajectory.  Coming from modest means after immigrating from Holland and settling in Colorado, Rod embodies the spirit of entrepreneurship as he negotiated the obstacle course that we all know as life.

Even after a 50 million dollar “seminar” as Rod calls them he was able to regroup, rebuild and prosper.  During the episode, he dove deep on several habits to gear yourself up for success, here is a summary of the steps, however, to grab the full context be sure to listen intently to the episode.

  • First, pick a time where you have plenty of energy (not after a meal or when tired)
  • Next, write down everything you want in life, financial, toys, trips, doodads, you name it.
  • Then, write down everything you want to learn, Next, jot down who you want to help.

Always make sure when writing out your goals to be sure they are measurable, decide how long it will take to achieve them.  Then, sort your list to establish a #1 goal.  If that is tough, go for a top 3 of one-year goals.

The next step is to write a paragraph for each one on WHY it is a must to accomplish this goal.  Next, insert the pain, by that he means to document how it will feel when you don’t achieve that goal..explore the feeling of failure and let that simmer a while. After that, document how it will feel when you DO accomplish those goals, go ahead and celebrate a bit, let the feeling soak in.

Visualization is a very important part of this process, this means photographs depicting your goals are a much-needed piece of the equation.  Create a vision board, study it daily.

Rod went on to discuss the importance of a morning routine, which happens to be a critical ingredient to the most successful people’s lifestyle.

Rod is hosting is famous apartment investing Bootcamp January 18,19 and 20th in Tampa which you can grab a seat at MultiFamilyBootcamp.com.  To receive a FREE copy of Rod’s book, text “Rod” to 41411. Rod also has a massive multi-family Facebook group which can be found at MultiFamilyCommunity.com