157 Unwrapping The Mystery of Delaware Statutory Trusts

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Unwrapping The Mystery of Delaware Statutory Trusts

Unwrapping The Mystery of Delaware Statutory Trusts

In this episode, I interview Asset Protection Attorney Scott Smith from Royal Legal Solutions about Series LLC’s. I first learned of these by doing business with Paige Panzarello in the note investing space. One of the big reasons they became popular over the years is to help California residents avoid paying ridiculous taxes levied by the State of California.

We went on to discuss the differences between asset protection and anonymity and the benefits of having a blended approach to best protect your holdings from prying eyes. Scott also covered Land Trusts as Larry Harbolt teaches and shed light on other strategies that investors can use to best protect themselves from unfair lawsuits.

Scott provides a wealth of knowledge in the asset protection space and I encourage you to reach out to him directly for a consultation. Taking the time to sit down now will prove to save you a ton of money later. Asset protection can’t work if you don’t put it into play and build a strategy before you get started.

Scott can be reached at:

https://royallegalsolutions.com/ or by phone at: 512.757.3994 or found on ALL social Media channels by searching “Royal Legal Solutions”