154 Get Direct or Go Broke

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Get Direct or Go Broke

Get Direct or Go Broke

The only way to get the best deals is to go directly to the decision maker. That's the reality. Love it or hate it, we cannot argue the facts. In this episode, I discuss why this is true and how you can better position yourself to negotiate with sellers and service providers.

When we are stuck dealing with a gatekeeper we lose the ability to solve problems. The ability is lost because we simply do not have all of the data we need to provide a solution, thus all that’s left is to compete for the highest price.

What if the highest price isn’t what the seller really needs to solve their problem? What if they only need $10,000 right now, and need a stream of income after that? We know that in most cases a lump sum of cash in a seller's hands will get spent rather quickly. Instead, what if we could provide them with a stream of income over time?

Many rookie investors won’t consider this because they themselves would not go for it. The problem is that they wind up shortchanging a seller out of a solution that could have been the exact right solution for them.

Time is by far your most valuable (and expensive) commodity. When you invest time dealing with a gatekeeper and not solving a seller’s problem time is often wasted.

Realtors do have a place in the market as do Wholesalers, (serving retail and flippers), however, anyone seeking creative acquisition needs to be direct to the seller whenever possible, or employ someone to act on your behalf if you must.

Wholesalers want all cash buyers to allow for them to make a quick buck..I don’t blame them..

Realtors want Cash Buyers and Pre-Approved Buyers because everything else is illegal..sigh..

The reality is that intermediaries (gatekeepers) don’t often solve problems, in fact, they often create them.

100% of the relevant facts are not known with a gatekeeper in the middle when a story moves from person to person, the details change, that’s reality. Spend some time watching the news if you ever question this fact.

Only lousy deals are advertised, the good ones are heading to the closing table, you won’t know of them until you search the public records.

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