153 How To Make $150,000 Doing Nothing

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How To Make $150,000 Doing Nothing

How To Make $150,000 Doing Nothing

As many of you know from listening to the show, I LOVE passive income in the form of Mailbox Money. In fact, it’s that mailbox money that helps me sleep so good at night.

Y'all can keep your house flipping and wholesaling garbage, I am all about slow and steady wins the race. Speaking of which, I am opening the books on registration for the Mailbox Money Group Coaching program. I am opening the doors for a short time to allow people inside who are willing to be brave enough to learn how to escape the rat race once and for all.

To get started, head on over to MailBoxMoneyMastermind.com right now.

This group coaching program is about cutting out the fluff and getting right to the meat of what you need to learn (and do) to build your real estate business into a recession-proof machine. This program applies to both single and multi-family investors, note investors, and those who wish to invest in vacant land or commercial property.

We have a payment plan available to allow you to take advantage of this limited time opening, please don’t be like the people who missed out last time after we slammed the doors closed, those people are still punching a clock somewhere…

Now, let’s get down to the dirty details of how I earned my latest $150k tax-free bonus money….in case you forgot, back in 2014 my wife and I bought little four-unit apartment building (all by ourselves) using VA mortgage which means no down payment required.

No down payment does NOT mean no closing costs, I had to get creative, which I did…so as not to spoil the episode you will have to listen in to hear the “rest of the story”. Enjoy.