151 Four Million Dollar Meetup

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Four Million Dollar Meetup

Four Million Dollar Meetup


Today’s guest is Adam Adams, known on Facebook as Adam “Triple A” Adams. He is the host of the Creative Real Estate Podcast and CEO of Blue Spruce Holdings.

Adam was raised by a real estate investor and got started himself back in 2005 in the tax deed space, then in 2007, he got involved in apartment investing as a property manager who managed a complete reposition of a multifamily property and doubled its value in only 12 months.

A year later he bought his own multifamily property and since then has grown his portfolio to over 500 multi-family apartments, a number which is soon to explode. Adam talks about a few of the biggest challenges that multifamily investors run into and provides solid advice on how to overcome those challenges.

Adam is also sponsoring a Raising Private Capital Summitt this month of which more details can be found at RealBlueSpruce.com/opm