149 How to Do 60 Deals in 12 Months

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How to Do 60 Deals in 12 Months

How to Do 60 Deals in 12 Months

Brett Buras is the Owner and Founder of Superior Real Estate Solutions. He is a Real Estate investor leveraging his marketing expertise to create off-market, discounted real estate opportunities for his company and other Real Estate Investors, resulting in nearly 100 Real Estate transactions, including Buy and Hold, Buy and Flip and Wholesaling. On this episode of the Cash Flow Diary Podcast, he shares how mindset, skill set, and a strong work ethic will help you become a successful real estate investor.


Abundance vs. Scarcity mentality 

  • Look at the world around you- abundance is everywhere, choose to see it. 
  • Scarcity is fear and fear is False Evidence Appearing Real 

Using the Subconscious Mind to get what you want- Be Specific 

  • The mind is a garden. Your persistent thoughts are seeds. What are you planting? 
  • Our lives are a result of our dominant thoughts. 

Believe the Lie, the positive lie 

  • The subconscious doesn’t know the difference between the truth and a lie. 
  • Most people lie in the negative. Lie in the positive. 
  • Visualize, Seed, Affirm, Acknowledge and Appreciate. 



Three skills that will change your life (and your bank account): 

  • Decide on (1) real estate investing method that you want to get good at and become a professional. 

Buy a course, go to an event, those are all good things, just make sure it’s singular in its focus. 

  • Treat your career like a true professional 

Family Practice Doctor spends about 14,000 hours over 7 years to earn on average $200,000/year. 

An orthopedic surgeon spend about 24,000 hours over 12 years to earn on average $500,000 

Why would you treat your career any different? 

  • Based on your focus, you may need a great relationship with: 

A title company, an attorney, a contractor, etc. 


Work Ethic 

The power of focus 

  • The number one reason people fail is that they are not or do not stay focused on the target- the thing they most want. 
  • Read Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill- the success principles are in that book. 
  • Get up every day, spend the majority of your time on revenue producing activities. 
  • Emotionalize the results you want, ignore the static (failures) and focus on the results (successes) 
  • Do it again tomorrow, do it again the next day, week, month, year