144 Real Estate on Your Terms with Chris Prefontaine

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Real Estate on Your Terms with Chris Prefontaine

Real Estate on Your Terms with Chris Prefontaine

On this episode of the Cash Flow Guys Podcast I interview Chris Prefontaine from Newport RI who is the Amazon Best Selling Author of the book “Real Estate on Your Terms”.

Chris was a home builder turned Real Estate Broker.  Since the 2008 debacle, he realized he needed to reinvent his business so that he no longer had to use his own money or credit.  That’s when he turned in focus to full-time real estate coaching in 2014 by founding Smart Real Estate Coach.  With his adult children by his side, they coach investors on how to buy assets without using their own money or credit.

I must say I loved the book and highly suggest you pick yourself up a copy. He is offering a free signed copy here: http://CashFlowGuys.com/YourTerms .

What I love about Chris’ approach is that he truly believes and practices the fine art of creating win/win deals with his sellers.  His approach is pure brilliance, to focus on Free and Clear properties that allow him to avoid dealing with banks. Any time we can eliminate a third party “distraction” from the equation we are better positioned for success.

In the interview, Chris tells us about being a “transaction engineer” which is something you must listen to because of the way he articulates this is extremely powerful.

Chris also covers the two strategies that new investors need to prioritize above all others, be sure to listen in for those golden nuggets.

We also discuss which specific types of marketing his team finds to be the most effective and lucrative for his company, after all, its all about the lead generation.

Chris is also throwing up a ton of bonus items included in a free webinar for you to take advantage of, which can be found here!