133 All About Raising Money for Big Apartments

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All About Raising Money for Big Apartments

All About Raising Money for Big Apartments

Lane Ka-wa-oka is a full-time Civil Engineer and Real Estate investor from Honolulu, HI. Lane currently has an 11 single-family home portfolio with experience in Seattle, Birmingham, Atlanta, Indianapolis, and PA. He is also the co-owner of MFPE Investments LLC that currently controls 1200+ multifamily apartment and RV units.

Lane knew early on that in order to scale his portfolio in the shortest amount of time possible, that he had to make the switch to multi-family. Being an engineer by trade, he is a lover of details and research, thus ideal traits to have as a multifamily investor.

Realizing that building a portfolio alone is a daunting task, Lane mastered the art of leveraging the resources of others to help him grow professionally and financially. Lane recognized that his skill set brought a ton of value to the table in the investing world and therefore decided to take those skills to the marketplace in an effort to help the investing community by serving as a real estate syndicator.

Although Lane has done many deals himself, he recognizes the power of leverage and therefore works with those sponsoring deals to bring capital into the equation.

During the interview, Lane brought of several points that investors need to consider, and one of those is super critical to understand. In today’s “hot” market many folks are scrambling to make a buck and therefore are cutting corners as it comes to due diligence and underwriting of investment opportunities. Some syndicators are being “overly optimistic” while underwriting deals which is something investors need to take notice of.